I am currently working on a project with Kate Laffan (LSE) exploring the social acceptance and perceptions of meat reducers and abstainers. We are investigating if  these differ depending on whether the reducer/abstainer is motivated by health, environmental concerns, or both.

Working Papers

Howard, E. (2022) ‘Risk Perception and Vaccine Incentives in the context of Covid 19’


Howard, E., Newman, C. and Tarp, F. (2016). ‘Measuring industry agglomeration and identifying the driving forces.’ Journal of Economic Geography, 16 (5), pp. 1055-1078.

Working Paper Publications

Howard, E. (2017). ‘Social networks, geographic proximity and firm performance in Vietnam’ UNU-WIDER Working Paper 69/2017.

Howard, E., Newman, C., Rand, J. and Tarp, F. (2014). ‘Productivity enhancing manufacturing clusters: evidence from Vietnam.’ UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2014/071.

Howard, E., Newman, C. and Thijssen, J. (2011). ‘Are spatial networks of firms random? Evidence from Vietnam.’ UNU-WIDER, Working Paper Number 2011/87.

Working Papers

Howard, E. (2013). ‘Where do new entrant firms locate? A dyadic analysis.’

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